Congratulations to Chris Aslan, Pei Boccanfuso and Viola Jokudu – powerlifters from the Ashfield gym, Alpha Athletes – who will be representing Australia at the International Powerlifting Federation World Championships in Sun City, South Africa. The competition will be taking place from 6 to 11 June and will see the world's most elite athletes come together to prove their strength. Australia will be sending a total of nine athletes to the World Championships – three of which have been training in the same gym here in the Inner West. Chris Aslan, who runs Alpha Athletes in Ashfield, will be representing Australia in the men's 105kg category. Pei Boccanfuso and Viola Jokudu, two fellow powerlifters training under Chris at the Ashfield gym will compete in the women's under-52kg and under-69kg categories respectively. At Alpha Athletes, all three powerlifters have been consistently pushing their physical limits in the three lifts that will be judged in South Africa next week: squat, bench press, and deadlift. The Ashfield athletes show great promise and all of us across the Inner West wish them all the best for the Word Championships.