The Ashfield Blessing Box at Ashfield Baptist Church has been stocked by generous members of the Ashfield community providing support those doing it tough during the pandemic.

The inner west has been hard hit by this pandemic, thousands are out of work, with many inner westies struggling to make ends meet, keep a roof over their head, and put food on the table.

I have been awed by the extraordinary generosity of local residents who are working to make sure no-one in our community is left behind.

Ashfield Baptist Church has repurposed an old wardrobe, turning it into a community pantry stocked with non-perishable items such as pasta, rice, and tinned food.

It is just one of the many pop-up pantries sprouting across inner west suburbs.

The blessing box has signs in several languages to let members of CALD communities know that free food, toiletries, and supplies are available to anyone who needs it.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers at Ashfield Baptist Church for making the Ashfield Blessing Box a reality and thank you to all the local residents and households you have given so generously during the pandemic.