I congratulate the Ashfield and District Historical Society on its fiftieth-year anniversary. The protection of our rich and storied history is the key responsibility of every generation. The society collects and curates historical records, undertakes research, publishes journals and books, and promotes the heritage of our local district. It organises regular events throughout the year, including talks and presentations, site visits, walking tours, discussions and forums, and assists with research. The work done by the society to preserve and explore the history of Ashfield and its surrounds is critical to ensuring that current citizens, and citizens of the future, are aware of their past. The work of the Ashfield and District Historical Society means we can learn and grow from the challenges, trials and achievements of those in the past, stretching back thousands of years to First Nations custodians of the land and country. I acknowledge and commend each and every member of the society and thank them for holding a light to the past and keeping our history alive.