I am very proud to acknowledge the formal opening of Among The Trees, a new organisation that reclaims and recycles used timber in Marrickville. Made‑to‑use timber from plantation sites can take anywhere between 12 to 50 years to replenish and there are tonnes of existing timber that often goes unused or to landfill each year. Among The Trees ensures wood that would otherwise end up incinerated or in landfill gets used or renewed, adding another engine to our local circular economy. As well as upcycling and selling reclaimed timber, Among The Trees offers woodwork restoration courses, artist tenancies for sustainable makers in its workshop space, and acts as a collection point for timber that is unused and destined for landfill. A joint venture between Sara, Pete, Luke and Liz, Among The Trees is a long‑term labour of love, bringing together the group's eclectic interests and expertise in woodworking, machining, design, architecture and education. The formal opening of the new premises on Sydney Street is the culmination of years of work. I congratulate the founders of Among The Trees.