“Lewisham is one of the most highly utilized stations in the Inner West without a lift, but for residents with a disability, or parents with prams, Lewisham Station is a no-go,” said Ms Haylen.

“Passengers are still forced to trek up and down steep stairs, as well as pack their gumboots when it rains,” said Ms Haylen.

The Station floods regularly and does not meet the requirements of the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992. All stations are required to be fully accessible, but the Baird Government has not yet released a schedule for upgrades to Lewisham Station.

Ms Haylen has collected hundreds of signatures in her campaign to have the station upgraded.

“What is clear is that the community strongly supports an upgrade. The State Opposition is listening,” said Ms Haylen.

“I’m pleased to welcome Jodi McKay to Lewisham to talk about accessible public transport,” said Ms Haylen.

“Jodi understands that we all have an investment in accessible public transport and that is unfair that Lewisham residents aren’t able to access their station,” said Ms Haylen.

“Our public transport system still treats disabled passengers like they’re invisible,” said Ms McKay.

“Our public transport network is for everyone and we need to make sure we each enjoy equal access to our trains, light rail, buses and ferries,” Ms McKay said.

“Lewisham Station is badly in need of an upgrade and I join with Jo in urging the Transport Minister to get it done,” said Ms McKay.