The NSW Labor Opposition has welcomed announcements over the last two days by the Australian Human Rights Commission and Universities Australia about ending sexual assault on university campuses across Australia.

Universities Australia has now confirmed that each of the 39 universities have committed to publish their institutional data from the sector survey, when the Human Rights Commission report comes out, expected to be around mid-2017. 

NSW Labor welcomes this announcement and stands with students concerned about ongoing culture of secrecy on campuses.

Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Jenny Aitchison and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary, Jo Haylen also met with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins today at Parliament House.

Commissioner Jenkins confirmed that the Human Rights Commission will release recommendations for change on the basis of a nation-wide survey of 39,000 students last year.

Labor has worked with university women’s officers and students across NSW over the last year to fight for strong action towards ending to sexual assault on university campuses. 


Quotes attributable to Jenny Aitchison MP, Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence:

“Sexual assault and harassment on campus can only be addressed if individual institutions are held to account and if there are strong recommendations for change. Today’s announcement by Universities Australia and our discussions with the Sex Discrimination Commissioner confirm that this will happen, and that is a win for students.”

“Labor will continue to hold Universities to account in ensuring that sexual assault, harassment and violence are not tolerated on campuses.”


Quotes attributable to the Hon Sophie Cotsis MLC, Shadow Minister for Women:

“Rape and sexual assault should not be women’s experience on campus. Labor will work with all stakeholders to stop sexual assault on campus.”


Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary:

“This report will be a turning point for a generation of activists fighting for action on sexual assault on campus.  Labor will continue to work with students to support their important work.”