The recent events in Afghanistan have caused distress and heartbreak across our communities. The contribution that Afghani refugees make to our local communities cannot be understated and I express my solidarity with and support for refugees from Afghanistan who live in the Summer Hill electorate. I was pleased to join 57 other MPs from across the NSW Parliament in calling for Australia to increase our refugee intake, to provide a future to those fleeing Taliban control, and to honour the ADF personnel and Afghani allies who fought in the Afghan War. Australia has a long history of welcoming and supporting refugees escaping conflict - including those from Vietnam, Syria and Iraq. We must follow the lead of other nations including Canada and the United Kingdom and dramatically increase our uptake of refugees fleeing Afghanistan, particularly those women, girls and other marginalised people who face exclusion from education, employment or persecution, violence and death. I acknowledge the important work of the member for Auburn and the Hon. Trevor Khan on coordinating this petition. I also acknowledge all Afghani refugees and people living in the Summer Hill electorate and the extraordinary organisations that support them.