On 16 September Addi Road Community Organisation will host its first Youth Rock Festival, featuring a line-up of bands and acts under the age of 18. Paddy and Audrey, members of the Addi Road Youth Committee, have taken the initiative to set up a youth focused festival after complaining to each other that it is hard as a young person to see live music due to drinking laws. Their solution? A youth run rock festival, with an exclusive line-up of under-18s performers. The Festival will be hosted at Addison Road's Gumbramorra Hall in the Marrickville Community Centre. Audrey has designed posters, stickers and t-shirts and based the collage on the stories she hears from other passengers who catch the 428 and 423 busses. Paddy is working on festival planning, trying to get his own band together and rallying as many friends as possible to support the festival. I encourage everyone to get involved and head down to the Gumbramorra Hall for this fantastic event!