Congratulations to the volunteers and staff at the Addison Road Community Centre for their successful Addi Road Writers' Festival held on 1 May, and thank you to the wonderful artists, poets, musicians and authors who took part. The Addison Road Community Centre is an enduring and vital community organisation, home to dozens of community organisations, artists collectives and support programs. The Addi Road Writers' Festival provides an important stage for emerging and established poets and authors to share their work and perspectives. This year, we heard songs and stories from a diverse range of voices that were funny, educational and evocative, with panels on rock'n'roll biographies, bush medicine and cultural heritage, song writing, art, literature and the law, and more. A panel specifically highlighted the voices of people experiencing unemployment, poverty, racism and the struggle for workers' rights, the perfect way to mark May Day. Congratulations to the Addison Road Community Centre on the 2021 Addi Road Writers' Festival and thank you for your continuing commitment to connecting our community through place, art and music.