I gratefully acknowledge Ms Ruth Turnell, who has served as the Principal of Ferncourt Public School in Marrickville for 13 years, and who is about to embark on her well‑earned retirement. Since 1976 Ruth has been working in New South Wales education. During her time at Ferncourt she focused on ensuring that all students and parents, no matter their backgrounds or circumstances, felt supported. She introduced children's wellbeing programs and initiatives to better support mental health and wellbeing. She implemented flexible classrooms to promote collaboration and group learning. Ruth has been a strong advocate for sustainability and has supported parents and teachers in making Ferncourt an environmentally friendly school. The staff at Ferncourt note that Ruth is a principal who is approachable and available to all. She will be greatly missed. Ferncourt Public School has been fortunate to have Ruth leading its school community. On behalf of the parents, carers and the generations of students that Ruth has taught, I wish her all the best in her retirement.