Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, this week commemorated the centenary of Walter Ernest ‘Wally’ Brown’s Victoria Cross honour.

Wally Brown was a local grocer in Petersham before he enlisted in the Army in 1915. He fought in World War 1 as part of the 1st Light Horse Regiment, the 55th Battalion and the 20th Battalion.

Wally Brown was awarded the Victoria cross in July 1917 after he captured a German Office and 12 other ranks from a sniper post. Brown showed self-sacrifice and valour when he single-handedly approached the sniper post with two grenades and engaged in hand to hand combat.

“I am proud that even 100 years later we are still remembering the bravery of Petersham local Wally Brown.” Ms Haylen said.

“Wally Brown’s Victoria Cross and the values it represents are still pertinent today. The principles that Wally Brown lived by, courage and devotion to others are still very much part of the community spirit”