I am pleased to acknowledge the recent opening of the 3Bridges Community Centre in Summer Hill.

3Bridges is well known around Sydney for providing a host of services, programs and events in areas such as child care, education, entertainment, hobbies and health. 3Bridges has forged a strong reputation in keeping communities connected.

The doors to the new Summer Hill Community Centre opened in July. I look forward to the implementation of high-quality supports, programs and services to the people of Summer Hill and its surrounding suburbs.

I also appreciate the outreach 3Bridges has conducted in the lead‑up to the opening of its new site, including its community survey and forum in which Summer Hill residents were invited to participate and share what kinds of programs and services they would like to see in the community centre.

The addition of the 3Bridges Community Centre is another promising step towards an even stronger and more well‑connected community.

I wish 3Bridges all the best and encourage all Summer Hill residents to drop by and see what is on offer at the new community centre.