This month marks twenty years since the opening of the Uniting Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in King's Cross. This is an extraordinary milestone, celebrating twenty years of life-saving, compassionate and evidence-based care to some of the most vulnerable people in our community. In 1999, the Carr Government hosted a NSW Drug Summit that recommended the establishment of a medically supervised injecting centre. In the years since, the Centre has provided medical supervision for 1.2  million injections, provided medical support during 10,582 overdoses with no deaths, and made 19,000 health and welfare referrals. The Centre has become a model of care for harm minimisation across the globe. I  acknowledge the visionary leadership of Dr Ingrid van Beek, the founding Medical Director at the Centre, and the force of nature that is the current Medical Director, Dr Marianne Jauncey. I also acknowledge all of the extraordinary front line health workers who have provided world-class care over the past ten years. Congratulations to everyone at Uniting and across the community who have contributed to the success of the Centre: you have shown us the value and effectiveness of health focused illicit drug policy based in evidence.