Congratulations to the Summer Hill Lakers Netball Club for an excellent winter season.

In late August, the club charged into the grand finals of their winter competition with five different teams: the Quolls, Possums, Bullants, Wagtails, and Firetails.

It was pouring with rain when the teams faced up against their friendly opponents, but the Lakers did not let these tough conditions break their spirits in the slightest.

The day had come to a close with two of these teams emerging from their courts successfully!

I would like to congratulate the Lakers A1 Firetails on securing the premiership for Summer Hill.

And I would also like to recognise the fantastic sporting efforts of the Lakers 15/4 Quolls for not only winning the gold but remaining undefeated throughout their entire season!

What an astounding group of athletes.

I wish the Summer Hill Lakers Netball Club luck going into their summer competition starting soon.