I congratulate the 150 women from the inner west who were included in the council's 2021 International Women's Day honour roll for their sisterhood and achievements in the community.

This year Inner West Council celebrated local First Nations women and girls who represent over 60,000 years of resilience and survival.

I acknowledge Aunty Euphemia Bostock, who has spent the past 40 years advocating for and showcasing Indigenous contemporary artists as an Elder and artist at her local gallery and who recently introduced the welcome to country at preschools across the inner west; Aunty Jenny, a role model and educator who is a pillar of the community; Aunty Cheryll Hurley, who has dedicated her life to the Aboriginal community through her work at the diabetes clinic at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital; and Aunty Deborah Lennis, the council's cultural advisor, for her strength, generosity and passion for the community.

I congratulate these strong Indigenous women.