This year, Wear it Purple celebrates 10 years of fighting for inclusion in our schools, especially for young people who identify as LGBTIQ+.

Wear it Purple was initiated by Kat Hudson, a Marrickville local, who was spurred to action following a series of LGBTIQ+ suicides.

Ten years later and the need to create safe spaces for young people who identify as LGBTIQ+ more important than ever. LGBTIQ+ young people are five times more likely to attempt suicide. Young people who identify as transgender or gender diverse are twelve times more likely to contemplate suicide.

The last few years have been especially tough for young LGBTIQ+ people, with debates around their identity and rights played out on the national stage through the marriage equality debate and more recently by debates that seek to erase their experiences.

Wear it Purple is an important reminder to LGBTIQ+ young people that they are valued and loved and that just like every other young person in NSW, they have the right to feel safe and to thrive at school.

I will keep up the fight to ensure you feel safe and protected at school 365 days a year.