The Tempe Birdos are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year; for a decade, the Birdos have conducted their monthly survey of the Tempe wetlands, making a significant contribution to bird conservation efforts along the Cook River. The place which is now Tempe wetlands has undergone many an environmental change over the years. It was a shale quarry in the 1920s before most famously becoming the Tempe tip through to the mid-1970s. Since then, Council has worked to remediate the site, reverting the site to wetlands. Each month, the Birdos set about the wetlands to survey birdlife and share morning tea. The Birdos enter the data from their observations into the Atlas of Living Australia, ensuring local government and other bodies are well informed in decision making. When the Birdos began their work back in 2012, they could never have predicted the sort of milestones they would reach. In 2016, they recorded their 100th species. Since then, the number has reached 120 – unimaginable in the days of the Tempe Tip. Congratulations and thank you Tempe Birdos, for 10 years of service to both the birds and the local community.