The Treasurer is ignoring his own hand-packed panel on NSW-Federal Financial Relations by failing to adequately invest in active transport infrastructure.

In its recently released review into the financial relations between states and the Commonwealth, the panel has identified that “Governments are the first

port-of-call to make it easier for people to walk, ride a bike, take public transport or ride share.”

But, in the current State Budget, only 0.38% of the total amount allocated for new capital expenditure was for new active transport projects.

NSW spends only $7.20 per person on cycling, compared to $9.17 per person in Tasmania, $12.21 in Western Australia, $15.08 per person in Queensland and $35.00 per person in the ACT.

Infrastructure Australia has indicated that congestion on our roads will cost Sydney over $15 billion a year by 2031.

Shadow Minister for Active Transport, Jo Haylen, said: “The Treasurer’s hand-picked panel of economists has made it clear that it’s the Government’s responsibility to get people out of their cars and walking or cycling.

“Even the most pointy-headed of economists know that if you want to manage the economy responsibility, you have to invest in active transport.

“The Treasurer can’t afford to ignore the benefits of walking and cycling anymore.”