Save Sydenham Creative Hub

Councillors on Inner West Council have voted to water down plans for the Sydenham Creative Hub. 

When the Hub was last exhibited for public consultation, it was overwhelmingly supported by the community, with 75% supporting the proposal with no amendments. 

The vision of the Hub is simple - to transform the area around Sydenham Station into a vibrant precinct where live music venues, breweries, small bars and restaurants, co-exist with vital industrial lands.

This proposal is not about gentrification or reducing industrial land. It will save our diminishing industrial lands by allowing artists & creative businesses to rub shoulders with established industries like factories and panel beaters. Adding new and diverse uses to the zoning rules for this precinct will future-proof these critical employment lands and save them from further encroachment by residential development. 

It’s about preserving and nurturing what we love most about Marrickville and Sydenham.

I call on Inner West Councillors to support the rescission motion put forward by Labor councillors and to support the proposal for the Sydenham Creative Hub that was exhibited for public consultation. 

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