Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, is renewing calls for a firm guarantee that there will be no reduction in police numbers at inner west stations following the Liberal Government’s merger of local area commands.

The latest productivity report is damning for the Berejiklian Government, revealing a cut of funding to the police force of $483.4 million under the Liberal-National Government. This is the lowest amount spent on police in the past five years. The police spend per person across the NSW population has been slashed by $80 since 2012/13.













Policing in the Inner West has seen recent upheaval, with the merger of all four major Police Area Commands into two – Newtown and Marrickville have been merged, as well as Ashfield and Burwood. The decision to merge was made without any consultation with the community.

Our hardworking police force is continually being asked to do more with less as Police Area Commands experience chronic staff shortages and regions suffer an average of 7 shootings per month.

Shadow Police Minister Guy Zangari says it reinforces NSW Labor’s message that the Berejiklian Government has got its priorities wrong when it is splurging $2.5 billion on the knockdown and rebuild of Sydney stadiums while funding is being stripped away from police.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Police Minister Guy Zangari

“Minister Grant was either unaware or didn’t care that money was being stripped away from the NSW Police Force.

“I can’t fathom how this Premier would rather spend billions on stadiums, rather than adequately resourcing our Police Force. The safety of our community should come before a flashy new stadium.

“Minister Grant has a lot to answer for. He’s responsible for ensuring the NSW Police Force has the best possible budget.”


Quotes attributable to member for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen

“We can’t trust the Government’s promise that station mergers in the inner west will not reduce police numbers.

“This decision was all about cost-cutting and residents are right to question whether it has left our community less safe.

“The police provide essential localised support and services to our diverse communities. It is that local connection and identity that we really value.

“We should be giving police the resources they need to keep our communities safe, not cutting funding for vital services.”