The NSW Labor Opposition says new research into the levels of underfunding in public schools under the NSW State Government shows the Liberals and Nationals can’t be trusted on education.

Shadow Education Minister Jihad Dib says funding analysis prepared for the Catholic education sector shows that the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government has underfunded its public schools by $330 million since 2013.

The figures show that over three years to 2016 the growth in funding to the public school system by the Liberals and Nationals has slowed to 6.8 per cent - well below the 11.2 per cent required to meet the Schooling Resource Standard - an estimate of how much total public funding a school needs to meet the educational needs of its students.

The figures come as NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes grandstands over standing up to his Federal Government colleagues on the issue of schools funding, claiming that public schools are being treated unfairly.

Mr Stokes’ claims ring hollow given his own Government is consistently underfunding public schools.


Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill

“The Government likes to talk up its financial credentials, but NSW residents know the services we rely on are being left to wither on the vine. 

"We need to put our kids first, but the Government is more intent on pumping billions of dollars into stadiums."


Quotes attributable to Shadow Education Minister Jihad Dib

The Liberals can’t be trusted when it comes to education. Only Labor governments – whether that is at a state or federal level – will restore fair funding to all schools based on need.

“The Premier and her Education Minister are trying to claim the high moral ground over schools funding but they have been silent over the $17 billion in cuts to public schools over the next decade handed down by their federal colleagues..

“The Liberals can splurge $2.3 billion on stadiums but they won’t fund schools to the level needed to meet educational needs of our community. They have the wrong priorities.”

“Labor will restore fair funding to all schools – whether they are public, Catholic or independent.”