A Minns Labor Government will commit $5 million to a 12-month consultation process with First Nations communities on a treaty process for New South Wales.

For many years, First Nations communities in New South Wales have called on the government to recognise their rights, culture and history and commence a treaty process. This consultation will provide a first step towards a truthful and honourable basis for reconciliation. 

Almost every other state and territory around Australia have committed to pursuing a formal treaty process – some are more progressed than others. New South Wales is lagging, and only a Minns Labor Government will ensure a consultation process on Treaty begins in the next term of government.

This process will determine whether First Nations communities in New South Wales want a treaty or agreement making process; and if so, what that process would look like. The 12-month consultation process will see the Commission travel throughout the state to determine whether First Nations want a treaty or agreement making process; and if so, what that process would  look like.

A treaty process must be led by First Nations communities from the start. The consultation process will begin after the referendum on the Voice in the second half of this year.

Only a Labor government will lead the way on a path to treaty and work towards genuine reconciliation with First Nations communities in New South Wales.

Quotes attributable to Chris Minns, NSW Labor Leader:

“If we want to realise improved justice, education, health and cultural outcomes for First Nations people, we must place First Nations communities at the centre of decision making.

“We understand it’s not for us to decide what treaty should look like. That’s why we’ll make sure the process is led by First Nations communities.

“This is an important first step.”

Quotes attributable to David Harris, Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Treaty:

"New South Wales can build on the experiences of other States and Territories to work in partnership with First Nations people to develop a process that is unique to our State.

“At the centre needs to be capacity building so Aboriginal people have more control and self- determination over their affairs and service delivery. 

“Any process must be First Nations community developed and driven ensuring consultation with stakeholders from across the State - this can't be a government edict; it must be an authentic consultation as the first step with no preconceived model.”


Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill:

"Today’s historic announcement from NSW Labor is deeply important and will change lives for the better.
"We will begin the process towards treaty with First Nations people, a process that will be led by First Nations people and communities and will mark a huge step forward in the journey of reconciliation and justice in NSW."