The NSW Labor Opposition yesterday moved to censure embattled Transport Minister Andrew Constance for his mismanagement of the state’s public transport systems.

Labor moved a Censure Motion against Mr Constance in the NSW Parliament following months of debacles under his watch, including breaking an election promise and privatising Inner West bus services.

This allows the Opposition to fully lay out the litany of failures and incompetent bungles that have happened under Minister Constance’s watch.

The full motion calls on the Legislative Assembly to censure the Minister for:

  1. Misleading the people of NSW and wasting $100,000 of taxpayer funds on a rigged ferry naming competition;
  2. Failing to support and respect transport workers who are the lifeblood of the public transport system; 
  3. Imposing a shambolic and unworkable train timetable on Sydney;
  4. Forcing a disastrous and unworkable bus timetable on the people of the Hunter region;
  5. Spending billions of dollars on new inter-city trains that are built overseas and don’t even fit the tracks;
  6. Breaking an election promise and privatising inner west bus services;
  7. Ignoring the impact of construction of the CBD light rail on small businesses;
  8. Behaving with arrogance, belligerence and truculence and in a manner that does not befit a holder of ministerial office.

Any attempt to stall or cut short the debate would show contempt for the people of New South Wales.

Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, said the motion reflected the level of public concern about the disastrous performance of the Minister, who had made bungle after bungle leaving Inner West residents with an ever worsening public transport system.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Jodi McKay

” Andrew Constance is an embarrassment. His mismanagement of NSW transport has got to the point where he has to face the music in the NSW Parliament.

 “He can no longer hide behind his trademark smirk; he needs to explain the lies, the costs blowouts, the stuff-ups and the stoushes with his workforce.

 “You name the disaster and it has Minister Constance’s handprints all over it.”

 Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill

 “The Transport Minister’s performance has become a farce. It’s time for the Berejiklian Government to face up to the fact that their Transport Minister just isn’t up for the job.

 “The Minister has walked away from an election promise and decided to privatise Inner West buses despite 20,000 residents rejecting the plan. This is another arrogant move from a Minister well known for captain’s calls, public fights with small business owners and disdain for workers.

“Andrew Constance’s notorious bungles don’t just make for preposterous news stories, these mishaps affects workers, commuters and families right across New South Wales and demand the scrutiny of the Parliament”.