Jo Haylen has joined the chorus of criticism following Premier Berejiklian's decision to double down on her multi-billion dollar stadiums splurge, committing to an unnecessary knock down and rebuild of a stadium in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The final bill for the stadiums splurge will still be well north of $2 billion – money that could be put to better use in our state’s schools and hospitals, including here in Sydney's inner west. 

75% of school sin the Summer Hill electorate are approaching or at capacity, with only four new classrooms included in the last State budget. 

Labor Leader Luke Foley remains committed to spending the money on health and education before stadiums, if elected in March 2019.

Today’s policy announcement, made on the eve of Easter holidays, and the third by the Liberal-National government changes nothing.

Sydney will get a new stadium in Moore Park that will never host major games, such as the NRL Grand Finals, State of Origins and the Bledisloe Cup.

Sydney’s Olympic Stadium in Sydney’s geographic heart on the other hand is not a priority for this Government.

Mr Foley said that voters will be able to choose in next March’s election between the Liberals and Nationals that pour billions of dollars into stadiums and Labor that will invest the money into schools and hospitals, starting with a commitment to put $300 million into air conditioning the state’s hottest schools.


Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill 

“The Premier has made her priorities crystal clear. 

"We should be giving our kids the best start in life with a quality education, and our elderly and sick deserve to the best treatment in the world. Neither is a priority of this government. 

"Local inner west residents are united in their opposition to this stadium splurge."


Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“This is a reckless, outrageous, multi-billion dollar stadium splurge. Ms Berejiklian’s announcement means there will be more than $2.2 billion spent on Sydney stadiums.

“The Liberals and Nationals will build the unelected power brokers on the SCG Trust an unnecessary new stadium in the eastern suburbs that will never host grand finals, State of Origins or Bledisloe Cups.

“Gladys Berejiklian is not a leader. You never get a vision for the state, just a series of panicked tactical manoeuvres to try to get her through the next election.”


Quotes attributable to Shadow Sports Minister Lynda Voltz

“This is a Government with the wrong priorities.

“It wants to build a new stadium for Stuart Ayres’s mates on the SCG Trust, but it will never host the major events.

“Today’s announcement changes nothing. We still have a Government that wants to squander billions on the wrong priorities.”