The State Member for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen MP, welcomed the Labor Opposition’s package on housing affordability, announced over the weekend.

The package sets mandatory housing targets that will make available tens of thousands of homes for people on low and middle incomes to rent and purchase. 

Under Labor’s policy at least 25% of new properties constructed on government-owned land will be set aside as Affordable Housing for families and young people struggling to get a home.

In addition 15% of new properties arising from rezoning on private land will also be set aside as Affordable Housing.

As a first step Labor will conduct a statewide audit of all publicly-owned land and create an Affordable Housing Land Register for land that will be fast-tracked for housing development by the government’s property development arm, Urban Growth, which will be refocused with a mandate to develop and bring to market affordable homes.

The initiatives will deliver close to 25,000 affordable homes each year and in the process enable inner west locals on low to moderate incomes to rent at an affordable rate and save for a home, or purchase one at below the market rate.


Comments attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill:

“While the Premier focuses only on supply, I am proud that Labor is listening to the community and putting forward bold policy ideas that will give locals a foot in the door.

“The deck is clearly stacked against first-home buyers, renters, residents in social housing and boarding houses. 

“We can’t just build million-dollar apartments in the inner west and think that will solve the problem.

“Delivering affordable housing is about equity and fairness, and it’s clear that only Labor can deliver it.


Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“Labor has a plan and a vision for dealing with the housing affordability crisis and it involves real action not hollow promises and gimmicks.

“Under Labor’s plan families and those on moderate incomes struggling to get a roof over their heads will now have a chance of living closer to work.

“Premier Berejiklian and her government continue to view publically-owned land as a revenue-raiser rather than as an asset to help people get a home.

“Her inaction has only led to greater uncertainty for developers and more heartache for families who see their dream of owning a family home receding day by day.

“Labor will take to the next state election a comprehensive plan to level the playing field in favour of home buyers and help those on modest incomes get a roof over their heads.”